Long-Term Care Provider Association Joint Release

Happy Friday to you! I don’t know if you’ve ever heard us mention Leading Age? It is an association that we are with that provides training and support for non-profit nursing homes and hospitals in the state of Kansas. They are truly a resource that we could not do without in times like these! They have joined hands with a couple other Kansas-based associations that are in the same field, and have issued a joint release that was pushed out on social media and news outlets across the state of Kansas recently. We thought it might be interesting for you to read also (if you haven’t seen it already). To view it, click on the Download link above. Have a lovely weekend!

Manor Activities – COVID-19 Style

Good afternoon!  It has been a month since I last posted so it seems like maybe we should update you a little on the happenings here at the Manor.  Life has continued on in a new way due to the restrictions of COVID-19 but one thing that has been impressive in all of this is the ability of us humans to adapt to our circumstances!  If we had been told 3 months ago this is what would happen – we would have said “There’s just no way!” but when you are faced with no other choice then “There is a way!”  So our activity program was completely turned upside down but we have adapted many of the existing activities to this ‘new’ way.  Story Hour has become ‘Intercom Story’ and everyone, residents and staff alike, are loving it!  This will probably continue as normal programming after restrictions are lifted!!  Presently we are reading from The Little House on the Prairie series and following the adventures of Pa, Ma, Mary, Laura & baby Carrie.  Bingo is now ‘Intercom Bingo’.  We are still trying to perfect Doorway Hymn Sing in place of Sing-A-Long. 

Instead of going to the Manor Store the ‘store’ now comes to you – we have several carts that go around three times a week on Monday, Wednesday & Friday.  Monday is an Activity Cart offering puzzles, books, magazines, craft kits, and other items; Wednesday is the Store Cart with candy, stationery supplies, cards and other items that can be purchased with ‘tickets’; and Friday is the Library Cart offering books, magazines, other reading material and Activity Packets with an assortment of circle words, word games, a poem and short story and other items to keep busy with.  We’ve had several Intercom Poem Fests from poems that have been sent from far and wide to my WhatsApp – I certainly did not know there were so many talented people out there that had such an interest in reciting poetry! 

We have been blessed with the singing that many groups have been broadcasting – and are thankful that our supporting congregations are continuing to broadcast singing on their regular scheduled Thursday evening.  Another interesting activity is being able to FaceTime or make a WhatsApp video call with family or a phone call with family on the other side of the window!  MANY, MANY THANKS for the Cheer Basket gifts – every single item is highly appreciated!  The letters, cards, colored pictures and other items are all displayed on the wall, dresser or table – most  of the Manor residents have received something every week for the last five weeks!!  Psst . . . don’t forget us!!!!

One more item . . . the activity ladies decided to have an Ice Cream Cart this past Tuesday instead of the usual Popcorn Cart . . . so we came up with the following creation complete with the Ice Cream Song playing over the bluetooth speaker has it arrived at the residents rooms!  It was a real hit!!  Residents and staff could choose from 5 or 6 selections of ice cream bars. 

Ice Cream Cart

Much more could be said about all the other departments and what they are ALL doing . . . but maybe I’ll leave that for someone else!!