Christmas Is Almost Here!

Well it’s December, and whether we feel ready for Christmas or not – it will be here soon. Once in a while around Christmas, we get asked for gift ideas for our residents. I thought I would post a few suggestions for those of you that would like to get something nice, but feel a little blank.

  • Shower gel or lotions
  • Perfume, Cologne, Body Spray
  • New clothes – dresses, shirts, etc.
  • Soft, non-skid socks
  • New comforters, quilts, throws, etc.
  • Sweaters or jackets
  • Books or Magazine subscriptions
  • Subscription with  local florist for monthly bouquet
  • New wall hangings to make their rooms feel “homey”
  • Calendars (larger print)
  • Puzzles

And if you would like to give a monetary donation to Moundridge Manor for something special, the following are a few items we would love to have:

  • Odoscope for the West Unit (we only have one for the whole building) – $400
  • Pulse Oximeter for ear lobe (more accurate oxygen reading for those with poor hand circulation) – $350 or $650, depending on type
  • Ipad (s) for the Activity Dept. (would be wonderful for illustrating topics in Circle of Friends, and for interactive one-on-one activities) – around $900 each
  • And for those of you that are feeling really, really generous 🙂  Activity Bus/Van (would allow us to take multiple residents with wheelchairs on outings) – ?? A LOT!!

Wishing each and every one of you a special Christmas season!

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