Disaster Update #8

Hello! Just a quick update to let everyone know that twenty three residents are now safely back under the roof of Moundridge Manor! The homecoming went very smoothly with the help of numerous volunteers and extra staff on board. As each resident came through the doors at the west entrance, they were met with warm greetings and applause by an impromptu welcoming committee made up of volunteers and staff from numerous departments. It seemed like whenever the cry went out “The van is here”, or “The bus has arrived”, people would just pop out of the woodwork to help welcome them home!

A special thank you to the volunteers who helped make the day a success – whether you are one of the guys who helped load all of the furniture, clothes, and “stuff” into the trailer and haul it back to the Manor, or if you helped clean, or pushed residents through the line, or put their clothes away, we appreciate every one of you!

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