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Let yourself in at Moundridge Manor

All visitors will now be able to pre-screen for their visit to Moundridge Manor online before their visit. This will be valid for 8 hours from completion. If you don’t pre-screen, you’ll still be able to screen on arrival– this is just a way for you to save time and hassle and avoid creating bottlenecks at the entrance.


We are enthused about some upcoming changes at our Manor and want to share the good news with you! As you are very well aware, the global COVID pandemic necessitated many alterations to Manor routines. We know that not all of these things have been pleasant nor always appreciated but we do appreciate the support you have given. While the pandemic is not yet over and COVID is most certainly still here and something to be aware of, we are thankful that things are in a place where we can implement some further changes that we hope you will find positive!

Thursday Evening Singing – We have decided to resume bringing scheduled groups in to the Manor to sing live. The group that comes in will need to be limited to 10 and everyone in the group will need to screen in through our kiosk and wear a mask at all times except while singing. (Six-foot distancing needs to be maintained between residents and singers during the singing.) Larger groups may opt to continue streaming in or may schedule outdoor singing if the weather cooperates. Residents are invited to come to the Chapel to listen to the singing but are also very welcome to listen from their room if they prefer. We do encourage residents that attend the singing to wear a mask. At this time, this singing is intended to be a support for our residents so we ask the general public to refrain from coming on Thursday evenings just to listen to the singing; the singing will still be streamed out and available that way. If you are already here with the primary purpose of visiting a resident then you are of course welcome to stay and listen to the singing! (Visitors will continue to wear masks at this time.)

Sunday Morning Chapel Services – We also plan to resume in-person chapel services soon. The procedure will be similar to what is listed above for Thursday Evening Singing (group limited to 10, all must screen in & wear a mask except when speaking or singing in front of the mic).
Saturday Evening Sunday School – Currently, we are having Sunday School on Friday afternoons but we plan to soon return this to Saturday evenings. The teachers will be assigned volunteers from our Volunteer Program. The teacher may elect to bring someone with them to lead group singing if they wish. Again, the teacher and anyone they bring with them will need to screen in and wear a mask except while speaking/singing in front of the mic. As with Thursday evenings, this is intended to be an event for residents and we expect the general public to refrain from coming on Saturday evenings just to attend Sunday School.

Morning Devotions, Monday thru Saturday – We will begin encouraging our scheduled devotion men to come in and have in-person devotions in the Chapel if they are able to and are a part of our volunteer program. Otherwise, morning devotions will continue to be streamed in as they are now.

Guests Eating with Residents – Currently, we generally just allow spouses from the community to dine with their spouse who is a Manor resident. We will soon be broadening this to allow anyone to eat here regardless of relationship. However, we will be limited by space. Initially, we will have three tables available for guests with a max of 4 individuals per group including the resident(s) that are being dined with. The kitchen will handle these reservations and once the tables are spoken for, we will not be able to accept further guests for that meal so we would recommend making reservations well in advance, especially if you are coming from any distance. Please pay the kitchen directly for your meal while here at the Manor. We do hope to make some additional tables available for at least some meals in the not-too-distant future! Guests will need to screen in through the kiosk and will be expected to wear a mask at all times except while eating.

Group Events – At this time, based on existing regulations, we continue to discourage parties or events that result in a large group gathering. However, we will begin accommodating small group reservations in our Activity Room. Such events need to be scheduled well in advance and coordinated with our Activity Department. The event should be for invited guests only and again, all guests need to screen in through the kiosk and must wear a mask—while we encourage masks at all times except when eating, they are for sure non-negotiable in all Manor areas outside of the Activity Room and around any other residents or Manor staff. These scheduled events may include food if you wish. To help keep the event private, we ask that the doors to the Activity Room be kept closed to discourage uninvited guests from joining.

By now you may have picked up some common themes…

While we would love to set aside masks and screening, current government regulations continue to prevent us from making this choice. The key to enabling the above changes and further future relaxations is essentially you! As we all set aside personal opinions and accept the realities and inconveniences of screening & masking, it enables everyone to enjoy each other’s company & fellowship to the max in the safest way possible. We are striving to maintain a reasonable balance while following established & proven core infection control principles. The Manor family is large and we want to be respectful of everyone—including our residents & families that appreciate the caution we have exercised in the past. We do look forward to the day when we can truly say that COVID is no longer a significant concern!

The above decisions have been based off of government regulations that we are held accountable to. If interested, you may review some of these regulations at the following link. You will note that the document at this link contains multiple links to additional regulations & guidelines that we also must take into consideration. All of these links would still not be all-inclusive of all regulations imposed on us, but it is a start! https://www.cms.gov/files/document/qso-20-39-nh-revised.pdf

Again, thank you for supporting our Manor and as always, if you have questions or concerns, please reach out to us anytime!



This is part of updating our language regarding COVID-19 vaccines. If you have received a full series of the vaccine your received, then you are considered “fully vaccinated”, however, to remain up-to-date you must receive the latest available boosters, too. If you only were vaccinated recently and aren’t yet eligible for a booster shot or are ineligible because of your age, then you would also be considered “up-to-date”.

  • Booster doses are required to continue providing a proper level of protection against infection with COVID-19. Stay up-to-date by receiving any additional doses they are eligible for, according to C.D.C.’s recommendations, to ensure they have optimal protection.”

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Travel Advisory

Visitation is open 24/7,

but keep in mind resident meal times and activities. Visitors are prohibited from entering foodservice areas such as dining rooms and coffee shops!


Breakfast7:00 AM - 9:30 AM
Dinner11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Supper4:30 PM - 6:00 PM


Send us a message, or read the FAQ information below.

Frequently Asked Questions related to Visitation Policy:

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Can I bring children under 18 years?


The new guidelines place no limit on the number of persons visiting or their age. We ask that anyone who cannot be held in an adults arms be capable of wearing a properly-fitted face mask while here. Children must also not be permitted to wander the facility, but must remain with the supervising adult(s).

How long can we be at the Manor?

There is no time limit

As long as you are compliant with the safety regulations and staff directives, you are welcome to stay in the facility as long as you wish. Remember: You cannot eat or drink while you are here!

Can we bring food to share with our loved one?

Yes, but:

You may bring food to share as long as it is in an enclosed, covered container. Visitors may not partake of any food or drink while here, even outside. You must wear your face mask – covering nose and mouth – the entire time you’re here.

How many of us can come?

There is no limit, but:

You must be able to safely allow proper 6-foot distance between all persons. If you’re visiting in a resident room, we recommend no more than 2 persons. As we have room, we are happy to accommodate visiting groups in larger rooms at the Manor as able.