Dietary Services – Rotational Menu

Seasonally-updated choices

The Manor's Nutrition Team is dedicated to providing balanced, tasty meals to all patrons. Menus are served on a 3-week, seasonal rotation.

Menus subject to product availability and cooks' choice.

If you don't favor what's on the menu today, you can select from our made-to-order options.

Be prepared for a 10-15 minute wait

Guest Meal Prices

Breakfast: $10
Dinner: $15
Supper: $12

Beverage Options

Subject to product availability

  • Water
  • Sweet or Unsweet Iced Tea
  • Assorted Hot Teas
  • Lemonade
  • Coffee – Regular or Decaffeinated
  • Assorted Fruit Juices
  • Assorted Sugar-Free Punch Drinks
Salad Bar - Our salad bar is available weekdays for dinner. There is a wide and revolving variety of greens, toppings, condiments, and special items. A daily soup is also offered here. On Fridays we have a special themed salad-- an employee favorite!
Freshly Sliced Assorted Cheeses - Our Dietary staff prepare not only delicious meals, but homemade snacks for residents and employees.
Our residents eat in communal dining rooms to facilitate good fellowship. At lunchtime you'll often find residents, staff persons, and community friends and family together.