Moundridge Manor Book Fair

Join us on Tuesday, May 14 from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. for a Book Fair in the Manor Activity Room – you are welcome to donate books to give away or sell.  If you are selling them please have your price and name on the books.  Please have your donations here on or before 9:00 a.m. on the 14th.  Come and browse – you may find something you like!  “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies…the man who never reads lives only one.”  George R. R. Martin

Book Fair Tuesday, May 14, 2019 at the Moundridge Manor Activity Room!

‘Fun Day’ A Success!

Many, many thanks to all of you came out yesterday to our National Nursing Home Week ‘Fun Day’ – it was wonderful turnout!!  We estimated around 200 – 250 residents, staff, family and friends enjoyed the numerous booths and other activities sponsored by the different departments.  Everyone did a wonderful job with their booths making them very attractive and informative – thank you so much for your efforts!  And now for a tour:

  1. As you walked up to the Front Patio the smell of Kettle Korn greeted those arriving – Karla’s Dad, Pete, was popping popcorn in a barrel popper.  He stood there and turned the paddle while the popcorn heated up and began popping – each popper full filled 30 bags with popcorn.  He reported at the end of the afternoon he’d popped 11 poppers full – so he was quite popular!!  It looked like the men enjoyed sitting on the patio and watching the action!
  2. Walking into the Front Entrance you walked into a red and white canopied tent – rumor has it that Kevin was up on the ladder fastening the tent, a.k.a plastic tablecloths, in a swag up to the front entry light fixture!  Anyway, the results were pretty impressive!  The ‘Welcome Committee’ of Ang and Rae were sitting by a wooden wheeled cart they used as a table for the lemonade they were offering along with event maps and bags to put handouts in from the numerous booths.
  3. In the Main Library was a big jar of Skittles – there were slips of paper to write your name and guess of how many Skittles were in the jar.  Social Services was in charge – and would you know – Carolyn’s granddaughter, Chyanne was the winner with the closest guess, 2530.  The correct amount was 2502.  Carolyn promises there was no inside information shared!!  Chyanne was thrilled to be the winner and was taking them to school to share with her students!
  4. The PEAK team was in the Coffee Shop and had a display about some of the areas of Person-Centered Care the Manor has worked in and will be working in for the coming year – they were giving away a bookmark with the PEAK motto and a handout titled ‘Look how far we’ve come!’  They were offering soft-serve ice cream cones which was a big hit with young and old!
  5. In the new Maintenance Room the guys were offering free ‘mini-lubes’ for walkers and wheelchairs!  After servicing the ‘vehicles’ they wrote wise things on a balloon and tied it to the walker or wheelchair.  Also, visitors were able to peek into the spacious new Maintenance Room.
  6. Another highlight of the afternoon was the Dietary department’s wonderful spread of foods to taste – Orange Glazed Smokies, Vegetable Pizza, Mini-Lemon Cupcakes with Blueberry Frosting, Caramel-Pecan Cheesecake and Savory Bacon Crackers.  Behind the tables spread with food you could peek into ‘Grandma’s Kitchen’ – a cute little red and white table and chairs had a bouquet of irises with some old-fashioned items; a bakers rack with old tins, cookbooks, salt and pepper shakers, aprons, etc.  The tables in the Sunshine Diner were full of everyone visiting and enjoying the tasty snacks.
  7. In the Activity Room there was lots of popping going on as people chose a balloon to pop for a prize – the 75 prizes were gone in about an hour!  25 people won a National Nursing Home Week button, 25 people won a National Nursing Home Week pen and the other 25 prizes were donations from various local businesses – they included several hanging baskets, a potted plant, several gift cards to the IGA, cards, books and other gift items.
  8. Donna and Junior Volunteers Trista and Tisha were busy making pinwheels for a Make ‘n Take craft in the Activity Room – Donna said she had paper cut for 120 pinwheels and ran out!  Donna even sported a new pinwheel dress!
  9. The Garden Club had a display on this year’s theme of Butterfly Gardening – a display showed various butterflies that could possibly be seen in Kansas along with their host plants and flowers they like.  If you are visiting the Manor be sure and go into the ‘old’ courtyard and check out the corner ‘butterfly’ flower garden.  Hopefully this summer we will be seeing some butterflies flitting around!  There was fruit-infused water to sample (Cucumber-Strawberry-Thyme and Orange-Lemon) and several handouts – a butterfly picture to color and a Butterfly Gardening information sheet.
  10. In the Sunrise Way the Volunteer Program was giving away free ‘Hugs and Kisses’!!  Jana and Sharon were willing to give away Volunteer Applications but were mostly met with responses of “I’m too busy!”  They were giving away a brochure on “The Benefits of Volunteering”.  If you ever find the time – give Jana a call!  🙂  We are very thankful for our many dedicated volunteers!!
  11. Rehab was offering free 2 1/2 minute back massages at their Senior Fitness booth along with ‘healthy candy’ – Deb somehow had it figured out that PayDay candy bars, Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Mini Bars and Dum-Dum lollipops were healthy!!  She was sharing a brochure on ‘Long Term Care Home Residents Can and Should Exercise’.  We can count on Deb to keep everyone in tip-top shape!!
  12. In the Waterfall Court, Junior Volunteers Brianna and Loralee, were in charge of the Corn Hole Toss game.  If anyone tossed the bean bag into the hole they could pick out a package of gum for a prize.
  13. At the West Entrance, the Nursing booth was doing free blood pressure checks and if you were willing they would even do a weight and height check!  On a table they had a display of antique nursing items along with Janet and Amanda’s nursing caps.  Their handout was on ‘Normal Vital Signs and other Interesting Facts’. Karla gave two presentations – one at 2:15 and one at 3:15 – on Beneficial Communication with Someone with Dementia.  She gave a very interesting and informative presentation!  Also, she shared a handout on communication tips. 

After a wonderful ‘Fun Day’ our heads were full and our bodies tired!

Don’t Forget!! Tomorrow is our National Nursing Home Week ‘Fun Day’ Celebration!

You are invited to join the Moundridge Manor residents and staff for an afternoon of fun, food, educational and interesting booth exhibits!  The displays will be open from 1:30 – 4:30 p.m.  This special day celebrates National Nursing Home Week with the theme of “It’s A Small World With A Big Heart”.  All family members and other members of the community are invited for the afternoon.  It will be worth your time!  The different departments have been quite creative with their booths and displays.  Karla’s dad, Pete Wedel, will be making Kettle Korn on the Front Patio.  Nursing is offering free blood pressure checks and educational presentations at 2:15 and 3:15 p.m.  Dietary will have some fun foods to sample.  Physical therapy has some interesting things prepared and will be offering 2 1/2 minute massages.  There are various other things planned – so be sure and come!!

National Old Stuff Day – March 2

“People hold onto old stuff as a way of holding onto the past.” 

Yesterday we celebrated National Old Stuff Day with a display of old, interesting, and sometimes crazy items that were dusted off and pulled from packed away boxes or from the backs of drawers.  The items were displayed throughout the day and it was so interesting to listen to the residents and employees as they browsed by the items and reminisced about the different things.  Here are some of the items that were displayed:

  • Princess Diana paper dolls Cassie played with as a girl
  • A spoon holder from Rosa’s grandma
  • Only a few of Karen’s 80-some salt & pepper collection
  • An old can opener from Teresa and a can of vegetables to try and open – Cora was able to figure it out!
  • Sharon’s mother’s dress from the 1960’s
  • Remember the Fisher-Price barn that mooed when you opened the doors and the Fisher-Price house with the doorbell that dinged – Sharon still has hers!!
  • Hankies to make into mice and babies in a blanket!
  • An old grave marker from Lanita’s great-grandfather’s grave (he was born in 1848)
  • Montgomery Wards catalogs from the 1930’s – the prices were fantastic and you could order anything!
  • An original orange Tupperware gallon pitcher from the late 1970’s
  • The book Little Lord Fauntleroy published in 1906
  • A little iron skillet with a metal lid that Maxine would clang with a knife when playing train as a child
  • Some old jacks to play with
  • An old ledger from Angela’s grandmother filled with old clippings from newspapers
  • A lovely velveteen quilt
  • Maxine’s doll she has had since she was 10 – so that makes it 80 years old!

The descriptions that were with the items made for some fascinating reading!  Hang onto your old stuff!

Thanks to everyone who contributed and helped to make the day interesting!